Labor Cost Control


Control and manage labor costs in your restaurant with our Labor Management tool. This highly sophisticated tool uses forecasts and historical projected sales to model real labor costs and percentages with ease. Assign employees to job positions and standard weekly shifts with reusable schedule templates. Last year’s sales will roll forward automatically to help with programming current schedules. Special events and seasonal schedules can be named and saved to be reused each year, and labor costs can be monitored in your mobile device. 


+Labor Forecasts

-Historical sales can be imported into a schedule to help determine the staff required for each shift


+Named Schedules

-Naming schedules helps to easily identify templates that may be used to create future schedules


+Skill Levels

– Skills are used in scheduling to ensure that only qualified employees are assigned to shifts that have specific requirements. Focus Labor Scheduling ensures that properly skilled employees are in place for the scheduled time.


+Fingerprint Access

-Employees can be required to use their fingerprint to clock in and out. Fingerprints can also be required for manager functions to help control comps and voids