Iphone / Smartphone Pos


Voted as number 1 technology for restaurants, the Tablet POS puts innovative technology in place that will astonish its customers while reducing the time to take orders for customers and employees. More than 45% of restaurant owners consider tablet integration as their top priority, along with mobile phone integration. Tablet POS solutions are composed of Apple iOS applications compatible with iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, allowing a seamless integration with Focus software and taking advantage of the latest mobile technology. The main advantages of Table POS are shorter lines, being able to take orders at the table, increase the volume of tables served and payments. This allows employees to spend more time at the table with the customer to provide you with a faster, easier and more valuable experience, as well as a more efficient service and to avoid confusion during peak hours, which increases customer satisfaction.

Employees with the Tablet POS software at your disposal can add high margin items, such as snacks and desserts, quickly and easily without having to move to a fixed point of sale. Tablet POS can be programmed to tell waiters to suggest high margin items. In addition, restaurants using Tablet POS can extend their sales to festivals, trade shows, outdoor areas, food trucks and more.

The most important advantage of Tablet POS is the increase in sales and profit margins through the suggestive sale.