Point Of Sale System



Focus POS systems has been around for more than 25 years, helping hospitality establishments with great solutions. Specializing in industries from table service, counter service and bars to cafes, take-out and delivery service, the Focus POS systems offer client based solutions to help with managing labor, inventory, and optimizing the workflow. Focus POS is easy to use, install and maintain. With the best technology, owners can envision return-on-investment by optimizing the efficiency of operations and minimizing costs.

With more than 10,000 POS systems installed worldwide, Focus POS has proven to be absolute. Restaurants all over using Focus POS System maximize profits due to the built-in features such as sales & marketing programs, inventory control, table management, enhanced security, labor scheduling and detailed reporting.

Improved productivity, operational efficiency, and increased profitability, along with the best Tech Support that you could ask for, the Focus POS System is truly the perfect must-have technology for your restaurant.

Whether you have a single store or a chain, Focus POS can handle your needs, and give reports on each and all sites combined, allowing owners to have full grasp of their business needs. Keep inventory management by easily generating a multitude of detailed business reports which can be received by email at specified times or intervals. There is no need to stress with our integrated inventory control system which is the simplest, easiest and fastest inventory management tool to use to help reduce food and beverage costs.

Our powerful Focus POS system is also great for increasing sales, with features such as email marketing, customer loyalty programs, gift card programs, online ordering, Facebook integration and more. Our email marketing programs makes it breeze to send out promotions, marketing ploys, and creating email marketing campaigns.

Focus POS system allows managing shifts easy, keeping track of staff, and creating schedule templates. Always stay in control of your store with alerts of opening clock-ins and overtime employees; and stay a step ahead with projected sales and labor forecasts which can in return reduce labor costs and labor percentages.

Focus POS System can be customized to cater to each individual establishment making it the most versatile program out on the market. We also offer customizable menus with customizable buttons, and Next Gen technology allows the use of your actual menu for easy navigation for new employees, eliminating the need for new hire training. Have customized fast screen menus to speed up the ordering process and use conversational ordering to improve accuracy. Improve table management with graphical floor plan screens, making it easier for staff to keep track of table status reports and meal stage notifications. Increase table turnover by processing several tables at once.

Focus POS systems accept debit, credit, and gift cards, can handle split checks, tabs, transfers, voids, and comps with little effort, making it that much more versatile. Focus POS offers enhanced security features to track inventory management, keep audits and preserve theft prevention, giving you ease of mind. Receive real-time text alerts for actions such as voids, discounts, variable price, returns, batch problems and more. With Focus Mobile, integrated security management cameras, and fingerprint authorization, you can always have peace of mind whether on site or away. All these rich features and more make Focus POS the best for increasing your bottom line.