Night Clubs



Nightclubs are for dancing and having a great time, not for waiting on food and drinks. It is very important for staff and bartenders to have to right tools and equipment to rapidly place and track customer orders and payment information. Serving drinks quickly not only makes patrons happy, but convinces them to come back for more rounds. Our Focus Nightclub POS allows bartenders to manage every customers tab from a single screen.

Nightclubs lose money due to liquor shrinkage, which is caused by free drinks, over-pouring and incorrect charge of a cocktail.  The Focus Nightclub POS has auditing and theft prevention functionality, which produces liquor inventory reports that help cut down on stealing and loss of revenue. Next-Gen RFID technology chips, placed on liquor spouts, allow owners to attain reports which measures pour amount and compares it to charge. This allows to see when and which bartenders has over-poured and under-poured to reduce liquor shrinkage. Tracking daily operations through our Focus POS system allows managers to keep a pulse on sales, inventory, marketing, labor costs and most importantly, profit margins.


+Speed of service

-Fast Bar Screens

-Repeat Rounds

-Quick Payment Tenders

-Shared Tabs

-Pre-Authorized Tabs

-Multiple Cash Drawers on a Single Station

-Automatic Happy Hour Price Changes


+Audit and Theft Prevention

-Blind Checkouts

-Employee Performance Reports

-Liquor Management System

-Customer Age Verification

-Reports by Email and Text


+Nightclub Features

-Pool Table Timers

-Customer Advances

-Split Checks

-VIP/Industry Pricing

-Quick Tabs

-Drink Recipe Lookup