From the beginning of the phone call or online order, to receiving their order, customers want the delivery and carry-out experience to be as quick and effortless as possible. That’s where the Focus Delivery POS can help. Not only does it ensure that your employees take orders accurate and efficiently, it also helps your drivers find your customer’s address or place of business, with best optimal route for efficiency.

Specifically designed for restaurants with high volume delivery and take out business, the Focus Delivery POS allows employees to review customer history and duplicate standard orders. Also, the Focus Delivery POS has caller ID data capture to save important customer contact information to streamline the order-taking process.

Customers order food for delivery out of convenience – often because they don’t want to leave their home. The less time your driver takes to deliver the more it ensures repeat business. The Focus Delivery POS Finds the best route for your driver. Powerful delivery management capabilities, such as delivery routing and zoning, make sure that orders are delivered on time and delivery fees are assessed correctly. Along with Focus Mobile, delivery drivers are able to accept credit cards when dropping off orders. Tracking daily operations through our Focus POS system allows managers to keep a pulse on sales, inventory, marketing, labor costs and most importantly, profit margins.



Screen Shots

+Called ID

-Integrated Caller ID for up to Eight Lines

-Easily Add New Callers

-Search Phone Numbers and Addresses


+Customer Orders

-Recall Previous Orders

-Easily Reorder Past Order

-Review Order History

-Online Ordering


-Driver Rotation

-Delivery Zones

-Online Maps

-Delivery Confirmation


+Deliver Zones

-Assign Zones to Customers

-Online Maps Help Guide Drivers

-Delivery Fees by Zones

-Driver Insurance and License Expiration Warnings