Bars need the ability to quickly serve patrons drinks during peak times to increase profitability. Bar POS is structured for bars and nightclubs to owners stay in touch with what is happening in their establishment.

Focus Bar Service POS system allows bartenders to manage multiple tabs at once and repeat rounds with a single touch. Easily open and close tabs with just swiping a customer’s card or entering their name. Keep your establishment protected from ends with integrated age verification system that scans ID or Driver License to verify age. Protect your profits with advanced auditing and theft prevention capabilities so owners can monitor liquor shrinkage, analyze comps and voids, and identify cash drawer shortages.

The ability to manage tabs is critical to streamlining speed of service. View up to 64 tabs organized alphabetically on a single screen. Reorder the last round within seconds with the repeat round button. Use the fast bar screens to improve operational efficiency. Tracking daily operations through our Focus POS system allows managers to keep a pulse on sales, inventory, marketing, labor costs and most importantly, profit margins.




Screen Shots


+ Speed ​​of service

-Fast Bar Screens

-Repeat Rounds

-Quick Payment Tenders

-Shared Tabs

-Pre-Authorized Tabs

-Multiple Cash Drawers on a Single Station

-Automatic Happy Hour Price Changes


+ Audit and Theft Prevention

-Blind Checkouts

-Employee Performance Reports

-Liquor Management System

-Customer Age Verification

-Reports by Email and Text

+ Bar Features

-Pool Table Timers

-Customer Advances

-Split Checks

-VIP / Industry Pricing

-Quick Tabs

-Drink Recipe Lookup

-Labor Management System