Quick Service

It is critical for quick service restaurants to quickly and efficiently process customer order to attain success. Wheter customer are in line or at the drive thru, quick service restaurants require a fast POS system that can get customers in and out without having to wait in long lines, repeat orders or receive an incorrect order. How quickly a customer gets in and out of the restaurant is a decisive factor on how customer satisfaction for quick service, making speed and efficiency essentials.

Specifically tailored for the quick service industry, Focus POS systems allow restaurants to reduce service time and increasing profitability. By using order confirmation and conversational ordering existing and new hires can speed up service with engaging in quick, easy conversations to ensure orders are completed correctly.

Easily manage counters and the drive thru windows on any screen to keep the lines moving. Get orders sent out quickly from the Focus POS system to kitchen printers or kitchen displays to optimize food production. Keep watch on your business with real-time reports to manage cash shortages, inventory shrinkage, comps and voids. Tracking daily operations through our Focus POS system allows managers to keep a pulse on sales, inventory, marketing, labor costs and most importantly, profit margins.




-Quickly enter and payout orders with our intuitive touch screen interface

-easily apply coupons, discounts and promotions with suggestive selling

-Keep lines moving with secure payment processing



-Streamline production lines with order management and load balancing

-Speed up production in the kitchen with “on the fly” and “one behind” displays

-Summarize items across multiple tickets with bin and summary reviews


+Additional Features

-Online ordering integration

-Automatic price changes

-Countdown and Out of Stock Items

-Drive thru check recall

-Paid In and Paid Outs

-Security Management Camera Interface

-Digital Signage

-Blind Checkouts

-Future Ordering

-Production Reports