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Focus point of sale systems

Focus point of sale systems


The table service industry is all about customer service and upselling. When Tablet Services only allows for table service restaurants, Focus Table Service allows managers to keep a pulse on operations at all times, eliminating long wait times, slow service and incorrect orders that can lead to poor customer experience. Focus Table Service enables restaurants to optimize and streamline food preparation to ensure the best possible service.

Easily manage seating and systemize every stage of the serving process to make sure every customer gets the right meal at the right time. Table status reports and meal-stage notifications, on graphical floor plans, lets servers know the appropriate time to deliver drinks, appetizers, salads, and entrees. Our Focus table management service also integrates with the Tablet POS solutions to easily hold and reserve tables, split checks, or take orders tableside. Within seconds, send orders to the kitchen or bar from your POS system to improve accuracy and customer service times.

Managers and waiters alike want to encourage customers to enjoy drinks, appetizers, desserts, and specials to drive up the average ticket size and tip amount. Table management assists busy restaurants manage table seating, increase table turnover and average ticket size, to maximize the profitability of the business. Tracking daily operations through our Focus POS system allows managers to keep a pulse on sales, inventory, marketing, labor costs and most importantly, profit margins.





 Screen Shots


+ Table Management

-Graphical Floor Plans

-Multiple Floor Plans

-Stage Images

-Status View

-Table Alerts


+ Inventory

-Inventory Items and Recipes

-Invoices and Inventories

-Inventory Reporting

-Usage Analysis

-Production Reports


+ Work Scheduling

-Fingerprint Access

-Labor Forecasts

-Skill Levels

-Named Schedules

-Sales Projections


+ Back Office reporting

-Text Message Alerts

-Sales Contests

-Accounting Interfaces

-House Account Statements

-E-mail Reports