Kitchen Management

Focus point of sale systems

Focus point of sale systems

Improve and streamline your kitchen with Focus POS. With powerful kitchen automation software you can improve operations of your kitchen giving a better experience to guest service. Table Service restaurants that use Focus POS improve their ticket times, table turns, and food quality by removing the need to for costly printers and the need to manually time and call out orders from the kitchen. Focus kitchen management also improves customer satisfaction by ensuring hot food goes out hot and cold food goes out cold. Changes made to items are indicated simultaneously at the order lever, allowing managers and servers the status their orders.


Restaurant operators can modify the steering and display attributes of each item and each request on every kitchen display screen, highlighting item and request points of interest with client characterized hues, text styles, and textual style arranging. All in-store team member have access to ongoing speed of service data for observing the status of the kitchen, and coordinated alerts guarantee proactive reactions to key occasions. Moreover, restaurant and corporate administration can definitively catch and compare production and rate information to further enhance operations and guest service.


-Call attention to item and order details and status with colors, fonts, and font formatting

-Route at the item and order level while displaying average cook times at prep stations and average order times at pack stations

-Sophisticated touch functionality and easy web access at any kitchen display station screen

-Powerful, efficient, and redundant with extensive point-of-sale interfaces

-Improve ticket times, table turns, volumes, food quality and guest satisfaction

-Dynamically display menu cards within the Focus system, or use the recipe viewer to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and training while cutting down on clutter and print costs

-Fully integrated, operators can capture and use production data within the kitchen while also making the critical data available to the entire restaurant