Employee Scheduling

Focus point of sale systems

Focus point of sale systems

The Focus system has an advanced scheduling tool that saves supervisors 75% of the time it takes them to create a schedule. We provide a comprehensive labor management solution with reports and forecasts that help you create schedules with the right people at the right times and reduce labor costs by up to 4%. And with the mobile application of schedules, your employees can check their schedules, ask for free days, exchange schedules and communicate with each other.


+ Cost control

– Robust reports help site executives and supervisors keep sales and labor costs under control

– Overtime reports and reports show who is about to have overtime and the cost of overtime


+ Forecasts

-Use sales and labor information to accurately predict future schedules up to 4 weeks in advance

-Generate forecasts for different levels of sales

-Use reports to know if the forecasts were correct and to be able to improve



+ Schedules

-Employees can request free days

-Create schedules easily by automatically taking into account employees’ day off requests

-Your schedules will be more accurate than ever with sales information and work generated by the point of sale


+ Exchange

-Employees can request, release and collect schedules from their mobile device

-The schedule and payroll are updated instantly with the approval of the supervisor


+ Communication

-Make company-level announcements where they will be viewed with confidence

-Make individual messages or by position