Payroll Service

Focus point of sale systems

Focus point of sale systems

Many business owners have questions about payroll, tax, and compliance. When you work with the right payroll provider, you will have access to trained professionals who will answer your questions and help your business run smoothly. Using a payroll provider frees you from calculating wages, taxes and deposits, which can take time to focus on your business. The effectiveness of a payroll provider can save your business a lot of time that can be used in more productive activities.

In each payroll period, thousands of businesses make mistakes in their payroll without knowing it in time, those errors can accumulate a significant cost. A payroll provider gives you the experience and automation to solve your mistakes, reducing your expenses. In the long run, outsourcing your payroll can be paid for itself and more.

+ Payroll

-Implement your online payroll with Focus POS integration


+ Direct Deposit

-The fastest way to pay your employees – the payment is automatically deposited in time in the account of each employee


+ Tax Declaration

-Export daily items to Quickbooks without having to re-enter information


+ Electronic Reports

-15 online reports


+ New employee reports

-Referred employees to help you meet federal and state requirements


+ Employee access

-Your employees can find answers with online access to their payroll history, helping them reduce the questions their employees have for you


+ Checks

-The payroll checks will always be delivered in time for you to take to your employees


+ Timetables

– From its employees the ability to register their inputs and outputs through the Focus system