Drive-Thru Systems

Focus point of sale systems

Focus point of sale systems

In quick service restaurants the drive thru window is very important because customers who choose to use the drive thru window are more of a rush than those who come inside.

Speed & accuracy are they key factors to be preferred by customers and be profitable

The development of new technologies has played an important role for increasing speed and accuracy with our compromising one for the other.

Here are six technologies that will improve your drive thru speed and accuracy :

  1. Order confirmation boards

Order confirmation boards (OCB) improves communication and order accuracy in the drive thru lane. The screens display real-time the customer’s order to make sure it has been entered correctly. When this technology is used in conjunction with a Kitchen display system (KDS) and your Focus POS this technology will definitely improve your drive thru speed and accuracy and in result your customer satisfaction.

  1. Kitchen display systems

A kitchen display system (KDS) is a must in a quick service environment for accuracy and to to speed the preparation process.

Not having a Kitchen display system (KDS) can lead to slow lanes and consequently frustrated customers.

When an order gets entered into the Focus POS system, the KDS displays on a screen, employees then use a bump bar to clear completed orders from the screen.

Restaurant Owners then evaluate employees performance including the percent of orders completed on time, average order of completion time and the time each car spends in the drive thru.

3. Drive Thru Intercom Equipment

Drive-thru Intercom and headset systems work to optimize drive-thru service, speed and sales, and employee productivity.  Drive-thru headsets and drive-thru intercom systems dramatically improves communication between your customers and employees.  You will benefit from order accuracy, increase profitability and  faster service times.

4. -Drive thru Timers

Drive-Thru timers provides complete visibility into your entire drive-thru operation. Its dashboard provides a clear picture of what is happening in the drive-thru in real-time. This allows crew and managers to identify bottlenecks and take fast action to speed things up.

It also allows your staff to instantly monitor in real time information how they are doing so they can perform better set goals and find different ways to improve their speed.

You can customize the drive-thru timer to fit your store’s drive-thru configuration to set goals to help motivate employees to push for better service times.

You can easily estimate the total cars that will be served at the end of the hour based on employees current speed of service. It shows

employees if they’re on pace to reach their goal or if they need to improve their speed.

Reporting has all the detail information a restaurant owner needs to analyze a store’s drive-thru performance.

The Optional POS Interface will allow you to see how each order affects your bottom line.

5. POS Tablets kiosks

POS Tablets can help clear congestions at the drive thru by taking orders ahead of time and having them ready when the vehicles approach to the drive-thru window.

6. Customer kiosks


Customer Kiosks allows customers to place, confirm and pay their own orders. This technology will free up employees so that they can spend more time focusing on the drive-thru operations.