Gratuity Management

Focus point of sale systems

Focus point of sale systems

Focus has a reliable way to track and distribute gratuities for the hospitality industry.

Our Focus Integrated Gratuity Management Solution directly captures the data from your point of sale system. No more erroneous data entry.

Our Gratuity Solution has different tip out rule configurations and will divvy up tips in any number of ways. Different rule templates can be created for different job classes creating the sales – like bartenders or table servers; then indirect tip earners can be tipped out by percentages tips received, by percentage of type of sales or percentages of sales. There is no limit to templates and there is no limit to tipout rules within each template.

Transparency is essential, employees have easy access to tip date and are provided options for finding out about tip income. We can send employees an email out each day or shift with a recap of tips earned. Each employee will also have a personal login so they can review data from last year, last week or last night.

Management is easy no matter what payout cycle you use. You pay all tips after the shift is complete or your employees wait until payday to receive their charge tips or do your servers take their tips home at night and the bussers wait until the next day or the end of the week.

If you need to pass the tip portion of the credit card fee processing to your employees our gratuity management solution has the ability to capture the charge tip and capture the credit card fee back for the restaurant in all states that actually permit this policy.

Eliminate even more data entry errors by automating the payroll submission process. Our Integrated gratuity management solution  can directly integrate with your payroll provider, it will create an export file to the most popular payroll processing services and many of the small ones and new integrations are regularly being crafted.  The export file will contain labor data for all  employees, and all tip information.


Many type of reports are available with him the Focus integrated Gratuity management solution. Many reports are available in CSV export and all reports are available in a PDF file to download.