Liquor Management

Focus point of sale systems

Focus point of sale systems

The Liquor Management Control Solution can be integrated to easily track both the sale of alcohol sold in bottles and cans and ingredients for mixed drinks.

The Liquor Management solution’s database can be used to store recipes for all cocktails, along with entered input from employees as to which specific brand and what quantity of liquor they use to prepare each drink. This yields bottle-level inventory information and, consequently, a tighter rein over your entire liquor stock.

Adding an inventory-tracking solution to your nightclub POS system also yields a measure of control to your operation via reports and individual server log-ins.

Reviewing these reports and log-in records permits you to quickly identify which employees are over-pouring or serving drinks at no charge.

Nightclubs can be very lucrative businesses, but they require attention to detail. Operators must remain cognizant of whether employees are conducting themselves with honesty, as well as consistently engaging customers and keeping close tabs on inventory.