Video Management

Focus point of sale systems

Focus point of sale systems

Our Focus Video Management Solution can be integrated with your Focus point of sale system with advanced search capability and remote monitoring.

With the Video Management Solution Integrated to Focus POS it’s possible to record wait staff in the act of serving food and beverages to patrons and have the actual text of each order “superimposed” onto the recording. Should a transaction come under suspicion, it can be investigated further by rewinding the recorded footage on the Video management system to the time the order was taken, then viewing the captured images and corresponding text.

The Focus Video Management Solution has many benefits, helps to reduce shrink associated with employee and customer theft, combined with POS data, video security provides an excellent audit trail for “Sweathearting” and other employee thefts with the superior evidentiary record of video. Video can capture evidence of check fraud, credit card fraud and returns fraud that prevents repeat offenders. The Video Management solution provides an excellent investigative tool when trying to determine the source of a short drawer to bank.

Remote Monitoring from PDA or SmartPhone, Critical Event Notification, Search of Integrated POS Data, Direct Web Support, View Live & Recorded Video from Internet Explorer, High-Resolution MPEG4 Video Recording, Central Monitoring and Management of Multiple Video Management Servers at one location are just some of the features our Focus Integrated Video Management solutions has.