Focus POS Partners with Mercury Payment Systems to Offer EMV Solution

San Antonio, TX – January 29, 2016

San Antonio, TX – January 29, 2016 – Focus POS, a leading provider of restaurant point of sale software, has announced a partnership with Mercury Payment Systems, a Vantiv company, that will provide customers with a comprehensive payment processing solution. This solution includes EMV and end-to-end encryption (E2E), as well as NFC and tokenization capabilities needed for Apple Pay and other mobile wallets.

On October 1, 2015, the EMV liability shift went into effect, aiming to place businesses in compliance with the most secure payment processing standard available. Customers who utilize the VeriFone VX 805 and have upgraded to Focus POS version X will be able to take advantage of this cutting edge solution. In addition to protecting customers’ businesses, this semi-integrated solution makes it so Focus POS will no longer need to handle sensitive credit card data. Tokenization and E2E work to protect electronic payments from the moment the card is swiped, so cardholder data is much less likely to be compromised.

“Mercury and Focus POS understand how vital transaction security is in this industry,” said Mike Hamm, COO at Focus POS. “The sole purpose of this partnership is to provide restaurants and end users with a simple, reliable, and secure way to make payments at the point of sale. We don’t want our customers to ever have to worry about credit card fraud.”

“Focus POS has been a partner of Mercury’s for some time and we are excited to help them deliver a comprehensive security solution to help protect their clients while enabling new payment types. Mike and the team at Focus POS have a common vision around protecting the integrity of the payments system, and that is what makes our partnership so strong,” said Matt Downs, Senior Vice President, Integrated Payments at Vantiv.

EMV transaction support and card data encryption are both necessary for businesses in the hospitality industry to succeed. NFC and tokenization also give businesses the extra functionality to handle the recent trend of mobile wallets. Focus POS is constantly working to provide their customers with powerful and intuitive point of sale solutions, and this partnership is a direct byproduct of their efforts. Payment processing is just one aspect of a hospitality business, but the prevalence of credit card fraud has brought it into the spotlight in recent years. Focus POS ensures that customers have the features needed to run successful restaurants in this day and age.